Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams was spotted in New York City at Fresco By Scotto with her niece Alex Finnie, the niece’s boyfriend Eric Houston and entertainment anchor Baruch Shemtov. The restaurant, in case anyone was wondering is co-owned by Good Day New York star Rosanna Scotto. She’s also a descendent of the Gambino mafia family. Scotto was said to have “greeted Wendy warmly” as she arrived, according to a Page Six source. She also was seen getting into her Suburban on her own, compared to the myriad of past images of her being pushed around in a wheelchair.

The source that saw Wendy said, “She’s ready to get back to work. When you hear her talk… anyone who’s known her for years, knows they’re getting a Wendy who’s ready to work. She’s really in good form.” An eyewitness described her as “vibrant.”

“She looks great. No one was helping her. It was very different from the person who we’ve seen in the wheelchair. She was walking by herself. No one helped her get in her car. She climbed right in and it was a Suburban.” An insider spilled: ‘The main thing right now is the finances. That is her focus. Things are in the works. She is coming back to TV and she is getting her money back.’

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