Photo Credit: Daniela Kirsch / AP Photos

Wendy Williams has officially rid her life of her husband Kevin Hunter after filing for divorce, firing him from her show and making him pack and sh** and leave her house… to an extent. He’s now asking a judge to grant his request of ordering her to pay him child and spousal support. That’s right, after nearly 15 years of cheating, he’s expecting her to take care of him. We wonder where the $10 million he’s reported to be worth from the 20 plus years he’s managed his wife to even open his mouth asking for spousal support. Oh, we know, he bought his mistress a house and a Ferrari, the latter of which Wendy had repo’d. And the son he wants child support for is turning 19 in August. Usually you only get child support until a child is 18 but certain states have extenuating circumstances. He also wants her to pay for their son’s college tuition. Well a lot of parents that are together don’t do that, so good luck there, buddy.

He’s asking for an “equitable distribution of all personal assets.” She’s worth $40 million and while she didn’t create a prenup, she’s played her hand pretty smart so far from having the mistress’ Ferrari repossessed to putting her house in the name of her business so that he wouldn’t be able to go after it. Also, equitable distribution of assets by New Jersey law does not mean equal. It is what is fair, meaning if she was the breadwinner paying for everything by herself or her company footing most of the bills, including her ten husband’s salary, the divorce may play in her favor, as she’s the one who paid for everything. Given that Kevin’s business was his wife, we could possibly see short term spousal support, despite the cruel circumstances, but there is no reason why he could be the executive producer of a major network television show and not be able to nail down a job elsewhere in the near future.

All we have to say is that this is mighty bold of Kevin and in the words of Mariah Carey who name dropped her attorney in her song A No No singing “Get Ed Shapiro on the phone, case closed.” Consider that song a sign from God and excuse our language, but fight that bastard.