Photo Credit: Lamar Odom/Instagram; Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams attended the Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter match in Atlantic City Friday night and had the chance to watch him win. For those who didn’t catch it, Odom beat Carter in just 2 rounds. We’re sure his 80 lbs and 10 inch height advantage helped. But Ms. Williams got to see just a little more than him win. She apparently had a little backstage access with him.

“@lamarodom is the MAN!! He spent time with me after his WIN,” she put on Instagram. “He put this belt on me & commented on my small waist in a good way. He was VERY wanting to take a shower. He left my suite, I got to my car & fell in my fortress bed 4am.”

Now I can’t recall everything Wendy’s said about this man, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t always that nice and I certainly wasn’t expecting her to be cheesing excited about him putting his championship belt around her waist. It seems like she might have been interested in that 10 inch advantage he had over Aaron Carter and I don’t. mean his height.  





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When he was on her show in May he said, “I’m still single, Wendy. Happily single. I’m in Atlanta.” I mean, he’s been with over 2,000 women according to his 2019 memoir, so be careful, Ms. Wendy. And in the words of Antoine from the Callboy Confessions series, “Get that d*ck you deserve.” And can we add that if you look at her Instagram, she tweeted Lamar with a big grin, slightly dissheveled hair in a kind of after sex glow…