Photo Credit: Wendy Show/Instagram

In case anyone was wondering, Wendy Williams is not hardly done for. Her show might have ended with Sherri Shepherd taking some of her staff but she’s still in the game and currently working on starting a new podcast. But she decided to go into detail about what has her in this situation to TMZ Live Tuesday. She spoke about her 3+ year experience having lymphedema. She has blockage and feeling in “maybe 5 percent of my feet.” But that’s not going to stop her from serving up the news only the way she knows how.

Her manager Will Selby said she currently has no interest in television full time right now. And if that name seems familiar, it’s because they have a romantic history. He’s a celebrity jeweler that she connected with after her divorce to Kevin Hunter was finalized. In fact it was just a month after the divorce that they went out. She posted to her social media at the time “He sent his car for me … dinner in pursuit.” She even walked the red carpet with him.

As her new podcast format, she’s already working on it. She said she already has lined up Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe and even a member of the Trump family. She’s even open to other shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The View. The former might be a dig at NeNe Leakes who has been feuding with her and currently battling Bravo for blacklisting her. So how ironic would it be for her to be on the show instead of Nene?