Photo Credit: WBLS

Wendy Williams not long ago got her flowers with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she’s been tying Ellen Degeneres for the top women in daytime television. But that seems like it might be challenged given her recent show ratings going up… which is a good thing. The problem is she isn’t on the show to be making them go up. The 57 year old has been on a hiatus for health reasons as she takes care of complications with her having Graves disease.

Since being gone, Williams’ show has seen a 33% increase in ratings with celebrity hosts such as Bevy Smith, Leah Remini, and Sherri Shepherd since it’s October 8th return. Now this isn’t to say that there’s necessarily a threat of Williams being kicked off of her own show. There’s still only one Wendy. But this is a similar situation that occurred on Fox News when Glenn Beck’s show was cancelled 10 years ago and a panel style show by the name of The Five was created as a fill in and not only became permanent but one of the network’s more prominent shows. So it’s possible that when she returns, those who hosted her show while she was away may have a show of their own elsewhere and at most she’ll just have more competition.

We looked at headlines like The New York Post asking if The Wendy Williams Show was better off without her. When Nick Cannon was filling in for her people felt he was a perfect replacement but the reality is that no one can do it quite like Wendy and we’ll be awaiting her return once that happens.