Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams has had her Wells Fargo account frozen since February where she’s revealed that they had deemed her to be incapacitated. Some have even pointed to some recent interviews that she’s done to defend Wells Fargo, but some new details on the matter have come to light. In the time leading up to her financial issues, her son, Kevin, Jr., who’s been seen by her side for months had used her personal AMEX running up a bill of $100,000. It’s also worth noting that that is not the same account her manager Bernie Young used to hire an attorney.

An insider says that the $100,000 Kevin ran up on his mother’s card, he demanded her advisor pay the bill and not Wendy. He denies any wrongdoing saying in a statement, “I vehemently deny any allegations of unauthorized use of my mother’s American Express Card. This is a false narrative perpetuated to justify freezing her accounts.”

Her former attorney LaShawn Thomas said Wells Fargo was attempting to coerce her after her accounts were locked. “I met Wendy at the Wells Fargo branch. We went into the Wells Fargo branch and we spoke to the branch manager,” Thomas explained. “We told him what was going on.”

“Wendy said she wanted to get access to the accounts,” but the manager told her, “‘Well, we don’t do that in the retail branch. That’s the Wells Fargo advisors, let me see if I can get somebody on the line,” the attorney continued, noting that Hunter Jr. was also present to set up online banking for his mother.

“He went into another room and had a conversation with Lori [Schiller] and came out,” Thomas continued of the call to Williams’ ex financial advisor, “He said Lori was willing to talk to Wendy, but that she doesn’t want anybody else in the room when she talks to Wendy.”

Now this adds a new angle to things. And the saga of Wendy Williams continues. Most importantly, as the founders of Debmar-Mercury have stated, if she were to show a doctor’s note stating she’s healthy, she’d be able to host her old show or any show for that matter. That would likely prove the same for her bank accounts. The fact that she does appear to be struggling with her health, that isn’t helping her argument with Wells Fargo. We’re praying for the best for her, though.