Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams spoke about a little incident in her career that happened years ago when she did radio, that a girl group was waiting outside of the station ready to beat her down. She didn’t say who the group was, but hip hop fans should remember the group Total was sent down to Hot 97 where Wendy worked at the time by Diddy to let her have it. The sad part is that everyone knew about it except for her. At 5:00, everyone had their faces pressed to the glass to see it all happen and no a soul thought to give her a warning. She says she had just started dating her ex-husband Kevin Hunter at the time and he basically magically at that time saved her from the situation without any punches thrown.

Now just why did this come up? Well she was talking about Insecure cast member Amanda Seales wasn’t invited to an annual cast party put on by the show’s creator Issa Rae not once but two years in a row. Being seriously upset with how she had been treated, she decided to go on her podcast and talk about it dragging her cast members. Wendy pointed out that we don’t know the intricacies of the show and how difficult she might make it for the cast but that the solution is to do better so that one day they might be more comfortable with her around. In Wendy’s case, she said the story she told about Total she didn’t go dragging the girls on air, she saved it so that when she got her own talk show as she has now, she can then show everyone and bring it up then.

Wendy was partially accurate about waiting and holding her story. We found a video from 2009, a year before her current television show debuted where she talked about it then. But hey, close enough, right? She gave the same type of advice to a woman this week during her Ask Wendy segment about what to do if her college career counselor told her to lose weight before job searching. She said to go out and make your mark on the world and when you’ve made it, make sure to go back to that same counselor to rub it in their face. In Wendy’s case, she doesn’t have to do anything to rub her life and career in Total’s face because we’re sure they’re fully aware at this point.