Photo Credit: Alyssa Scott/Instagram

First of all, Nick Cannon… wtf? Now he hasn’t made any statements, but he just appeared in a pic with model Alyssa Scott holding her stomach while pregnant for Father’s Day. The pic is captioned with “Celebrating you today ❤️,” posted in her story. The fact it’s in her story and not on her page shows it’s not something she really wants out there. That’s an Instagram politics thing for those who don’t know.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Scott/Instagram

So who is Alyssa Scott? She’s a model that appeared on his show Wild ‘N Out that earlier in the year posted a pic of her pregnant suggesting Cannon was the father then before removing it. He at the time had his current, er, who we assume is still his current girl Abby De La Rosa pregnant with twins. Since then, De La Rosa has had her twins, both named Zion & Zilly. Also, she’s still with Cannon, imagine how awkward it is for another woman to post a pic with your man saying they’re pregnant with him.

That covers 3 kids. The 4th and 5th is Britney Bell’s children Powerful and Golden Saga Cannon born in December 2020. He previously had twins with Mariah Carey who he was married to from 2008 to 2016. Moroccan and Monroe Cannon are their names bringing us to 7.

This story was so draining to follow, I actually took a nap in the process. So how did we get here? Just a few years ago he was married to Mariah Carey trying to be the model and upstanding husband. There did, however appear to be one glaringly obvious flaw. He was being referred to as Mr. Mariah Carey. He was appearing on stage to walk his wife down steps. He had her name tattooed across his back in giant letters. The media appeared to be emasculating him but perhaps that was a reflection of real life. We don’t know. It also seems that after the divorce he started making up for lost time.

As the youngest television network chairman, Nick Cannon is very successful and he had a pretty good image while with Mariah Carey. This mess that he’s started now, we would recommend that he hire someone to help not make himself look like such a collossal a**hole. And we’ll add that these aren’t even stories we particularly care for covering because of stereotypes they tend to perpetuate or seemingly confirm. Almost guaranteed, each time they’re posted, the bigots pop out on social media. we just hate to see that this is what he’s been up to lately.