Photo Credit: DFID/Michael Hughes; Brando Pasno/Instagram

Just as one of the Royals was getting put into the ground, the next Royal drama has emerged. Apparently Prince Harry, who has moved from one continent to another to satisfy his wife promised to marry another woman. Well that’s awkward and quite unfortunate that Oprah didn’t get a whiff of this.

An Indian lawyer by the name of Palwinder Kaur said she was contacted by him on social media and was told he was interested in marrying her; and for not doing so she wants him in jail. But get this. She doesn’t want him in jail as punishment. The jail time is so that they can get married “without any further delay.” She even wrote Prince Charles to inform him that his son was engaged to her.

Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan has reigned in on the ordeal calling it all “nothing but just a daydreamer’s fantasy about marrying Prince Harry.” Also, it turns out her “Prince Harry” was simply a man in an internet cafe in the northern Punjab state and she’s apparently a victim of catfishing. The man was described as likely “looking for green pastures for himself.”

Now one has to ask, how does an attorney get duped like this? Well, we would say this is embarrassing but the fact she’s gone to the extent of wanting to take legal action says she clearly has no shame. But it could be worse. At least she’s not like the Texas woman who had two men arrested for scamming her out of over $100,000 pretending to be Bruno Mars in her DMs. Sigh