Photo Credit: YK Osiris/Instagram

On March 24th, 14 year old Tyre Sampson died after falling from the FreeFall drop tower ride at ICON amusement park in Orlando. It was described by civil rights attorney Ben Crump that’s representing the family as “the worst tragedy captured on video” that he had ever seen outside of the George Floyd murder. But there’s another tragedy linked to the child’s death. His family is accusing rapper YK Osiris of using their name for clout.

After learning about what happened rapper YK Osiris, whose real name is Osiris Jahkail Williams posted on Instagram, “If anybody knows his family, tell them to DM me because I want to pay for his funeral cost. So he then told TMZ he had been in contact with the family and was still interested in covering their funeral expenses which his family is calling afoul on.

Once Sampson’s body had been placed in the ground, his brother went on Facebook saying Osiris had never came through with the donation. “YkOsiri or whatever dude name is cancelled. Used lil bro for pure clout,” the post read. “Didn’t pay a dime but told the world otherwise. Even posted a fake screenshot of a GoFundMe donation. Stop pretending you about giving back to the community just to get your sales up. Lame as hell.” And Tyre’s mother Nekia Dodd said Osiris had blocked her on Instagram.

Now allegedly, according to followers of the rapper, Osiris donated $15,000 to a GoFundMe set up by the mother but his brother says that was fake. “I’m not even gone argue about it,” Jrocc Jr wrote. “Top donation is $500 as shown. We didn’t ask, [Osiris] volunteered. Stop lying to these people. He used my bro for clout.. thas that.”

Hopefully none of this is true. The last time we covered Osiris, he shared that had turned in his Rolls Royce’s etc for a Hyundai so that fact he would volunteer such a thing surprised us. And if he did in fact make a false claim about handling someone else’s funeral or was unable to do it, it would give an explanation as to why. It would still be wrong and we’re hoping to see his team either explain this situation or make things right.


YK Osiris has responded by posting to his IG Story a screenshot of himself making the actual payment