Photo Credit: YNW Melly/Instagram

Rapper YNW Melly was arrested in February 2019 for the alleged murder of his two best friends. Three years later with diamond grills in his mouth and minimal maintenance, he’s asked for a temporary prison furlough which would allow him to get treatment for an abscess he’s incurred behind bars. Court documents say that not only was he unable to get the constant upkeep needed for his diamond grills, he couldn’t even get a toothbrush, floss or dental visits. The abscess is a source of chronic infection for the Murder on My Mind rapper.

In Melly’s defense, Broward County jails have a notorious reputation for inmate brutality and so much so that Broward’s Public Defender has called for “a full and transparent investigation into how and why these incidents continue to happen” just this past May. It’s also been reported that there’s hundreds of cameras in their jails and yet the Sheriff refuses to release any of the footage. A lawsuit over inmate mistreatment took 40 years to come to an end in 2016. So there is some precedent to the mistreatment he is complaining about. As for his time behind bars, the death penalty was thrown out as a possible sentence for him leading his mother Jamie Demons-King to post to Instagram, “I’m literally crying real tears. You coming home son.” As for his health, if it’s deteriorating behind bars and he’s being refused treatment, that is a civil rights violation and we’re sure he has the right representation to address such things.