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Last week it was reported that rapper Young Dro had been arrested for what appeared to have been a food fight with his girlfriend throwing a plate of banana pudding at her. When police arrived on the scene, she changed her mind and didn’t want to press charges, but at that point, he was behind on child support so they kept him. Well now more details have arisen stating that he had gotten violent with her punching her so hard it left a bruise. Later on, while eating banana pudding, he smashed the plate in her face and began slashing the living room furniture with a knife. She also informed police he has a drug problem and takes Xanax, Ecstasy, Albuterol, Molly, Percocet and lashes out when coming down from his high. This shouldn’t be surprising given that his name is Young Dro which literally stands for marijuana. He’s been charged with misdemeanor battery/family violence.

Dro’s home now and has been clowning the situation on social media. He says he’ll be speaking to TMZ Live tomorrow about what happened. And the fact he’s joking about throwing food and telling people to “hide your pudding” must mean that there’s still yet more information we don’t know. The good part about it is that if in fact he did actually attack his girlfriend causing her to have bruises etc., it’s a good thing he’s not still behind bars because that’s not something that’s appreciated in prison. We’ll be reporting on this as soon the info is released.


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