Photo Credit: Young Thug/Instagram

Rapper Young Thug has just recently been facing a whopping 65 RICO charges against him which has been knocked down to 8. Still, one would expect that when facing these types of challenges with the entire hip hop community looking at your case, you would be on your best behavior. That doesn’t appear to be the case as it’s been reported that surveillance cameras in a Fulton County courthouse showed co-conspirator Kahlieff Adams walking up to Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams giving him Percocet.

Thugger allegedly tried to cover up what was going on by keeping his hand under the table but Sheriff’s deputies intercepted the transaction. Adams “appeared to ingest other items of contraband that he held on his person, in an effort to conceal the extent of his crimes within the courtroom.” And he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital shortly after. During a search of Adams, deputies found Percocet, marijuana, tobacco, and other contraband “wrapped in plastic and food seasonings to mask the odor of the marijuana,” a motion filed in Atlanta stated.

Keith Adams, attorney for Young Thug have since stated that “The State is purposely misrepresenting and embellishing Wednesday’s events,” adding that Thugger didn’t request or accept the pill. “As can be seen in the courtroom video footage, Mr. Williams IMMEDIATELY gave it to the courtroom deputy that was directly in front of him,” he wrote in a message. He says an investigation cleared Thugger of any wrongdoing, that the responsible parties were charged and that the assertion from prosecutos was “a blatant fabrication and disappointing.”

Kahlieff Adams’ attorney Teombre Calland texted a statement to CNN affiliate WSB-TV saying, “On behalf of Mr. Adams, these allegations are simply that: mere statements made by the state in an effort to thwart the lengthiness of the jury selection process.”

It takes a bold person to get up and try to give someone a pill in court. And the dramatics of rushing to try to ingest the rest of your drugs so as to stay out of trouble is nuts. But it isn’t completely unheard of. Remember last April when Amber Heard was crying, boohooing and sniffling in court about her ex-husband Johnny Depp abusing her before the charges were dropped, had allegedly snorted cocaine right there in the court room. She was never charged for doing so but the internet was pretty convinced that’s what she did. For his own sake, we hope Young Thug wasn’t trying to make a transaction there in the middle of court. He’s only in the middle of jury selection right now so he’s got a long ways to go in this case which is expected to take 9-12 months.