Photo Credit: Young Thug/Instagram

Something is definitely going on in the Williams household and it looks like we’re going to be finding out about it sooner than later. Rapper Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams just got called out by his fiance Jerrika Karlae over how he treats her.

“Why misuse and abuse something or someone, why not leave them be! That’s some narcissistic sh*t,” she tweeted. “You behind the scenes painting pictures of me, like ima f*cked up individual…when you the devil. … Ppl that go out they way to show other ppls flaws to make themselves look better scare me 😳 … single 2021…” (She’s since deleted the tweets calling him the devil and speaking of being mistreated).

Now when these two broke up in 2017, she announced it on Twitter and he basically told her “b*tch you gon’ die” so here’s to hoping things go a little better this time around. So far he took to his own Instagram story saying he, she or the both of them have been single for a few years now. We don’t know if that was sarcasm or a fact but some clarification is certainly needed. As we said, she deleted the tweets calling him abusive so she’s already started to slightly walk things back.

Photo Credit: Young Thug/Instagram

On another note, when he proposed to her in 2014, it came right after he announced proposing to fellow male artist Delano Brown on social media. Brown laughed it off and told him to stop playing. That was also around the time he was wearing dresses and called Rich Homie Quan his hubbie… and when he was wearing dresses. You may notice a trend here. I’m not saying that he is but if he was in fact closeted, that could possibly explain some of his angry antics.

Also, Thugger recently made an appearance on the Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast and talked about his first interaction with Lil Wayne. He told Gillie Da King, “The first day that nigga didn’t goddamn dap me up.” He said “Tried me. That nigga tried my pimping. … Left me hanging.”

Then in all unmitigated gall, he had the nerve to say he would like to do a Versuz battle with Wayne. Some of you may forget the court case where he was accused of being a part of shooting up Wayne’s tour bus and then trolled Wayne by naming his next album Barter 6 to essentially call himself the next Wayne. he might want to chill before he gets those gunshots reciprocated. It may have been 5+ years but people don’t tend to forget nearly losing their life. But for now, he might want to check on his girl. It seems he’s got his hands filled with that at the moment instead of doing a Versuz battle.