Photo Credit: Young Thug/Instagram

At this year’s Revolt Summit, Young Thug and Gunna spoke about the influence their hometown of Atlanta has on hiphop. As for the reason the city is so influential, Young Thug said, “The Southern hospitality, man. It’s Black, it’s just Black as fuck. The youth kinda own everything, the newer generation run everything. Everybody got hearts, everybody love each other — well, for the most part. It ain’t that many haters.”

As for who’s going to have the top spot in the next decade, he maintains that it’s still going to be ATL. “I don’t see no city taking over Atlanta. Because we steady having new artists come from Atlanta, bruh, and we getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The biggest artists that are popping right now are from Atlanta. We gon’ keep going higher and higher. I don’t see no other city gaining the number one spot again. We got it.”

And Young Thug proved his point about the continued pipeline of ATL artists as he pulled from not only his YSL label roster for his Slime Language 2 compilation tape but other blood relatives from the city as well. We’re going to see if this statement remains true in the future. As someone involved in talent scouting, there just might be some other areas sneaking up behind him. We’re just saying.