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If you’re an Instagram junkie or just spend enough time on social media, you’ve likely came across Yung Poppy. He’s got millions of followers on Instagram and got his start on Vine. He’s mostly known for his skits playing the ratchet girlfriend, ratchet mother, ratchet baby mother, always in a headwrap… pretty much all things ratchet. Then there’s his famous song If You Want a Burger. Of course, by playing so many female characters people question whether he’s gay or not. Chances are, probably not.

The show White Famous was based around all the things black male actors have to do to make it… including the obligatory female role. Also, can we add that for a comedian he’s kind of hot? Comedians aren’t usually known for being attractive. Well, God’s blessed him and in more ways than one. Check him out below and find out what else we’re referring to…

Check out Yung Poppy’s nudes below:
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