You may not be familiar with Delano Edwards, but after looking at these photos you may become a new fan. Delano is a popular Youtuber personality, who has over 438K subscribers and over 9 MILLION views from his videos.

I became familiar with him back in 2012 through my cousin’s Mo’nique and Demorris, who live in Monroe, which is also where Delano is from. From popular characters like Nectar and popular videos like Hate and Basketball Parts I & II, Delano also dabbles in music as a rapper:

Now that you’re all caught up, since his debut, he has done what majority of millennials do: post sexual photos to get the masses attention, but this time he officially took things to a new level. As I was scrolling down my Facebook page, I stumbled upon a photo of Delano in gray boxer shorts showing odd his MASSIVE print:

And then I noticed the actual photo of his d**k and I WAS SHOOK HONEY:

What’s interesting is that the pictures are from a few years ago, but WHAT’S VERY interesting to me is that he released the pictures himself on purpose. He made a video on YouTube letting his fans know, and he really doesn’t seem to care about it. Thanks Delano for making our weekend a little brighter. I wonder if he’s aware that he will now have a big gay following? Anyways, take a look more of his photos below: