Photo Credit: CJ So Cool/Instagram

CJ So Cool’s probably one of the most successful black Youtubers out there. At about 30 he has a mansion he bought his family from proceeds that came from his Youtube account he’s had for all of about 6 years. He’s so successful he’s been accused of selling drugs by fellow vlogger CashNasty. He responded by saying to imagine grinding harder than them, only to be discredited in the end. By the way, if you look up CashNasty, now that’s the one we really want to see naked and to see just what the nasty in his name stands for. lol

But we managed to come across footage of CJ standing in the mirror with his d*ck out. Exactly who he was sending that to isn’t clear. He’s been with his wife for years now. Come to think of it, they’ve been together since before his Youtube days so we’re hoping the video was being sent to her. Imagine working this hard to get everything he has only to lose it over a d*ck video. On the other hand, this might be a way to draw in some fans and if that’s the case, we’re tuned in CJ. We’re here. Let us know if you decide to leak anymore. 😉