Photo Credit: Yung Miami/Instagram; Ruben Stunner

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star and rapper Hazel E’s been pissed at the City Girls for some time now accusing them of stealing the beat for her song Actin Up to use on their hit single Act Up. So she decided to channel her energy into a diss track. The song is Add It Up where she raps about Yung Miami’s mother being in prison and her son, and predicts their careers to soon be over since one of them is in prison for another year.

“I’m a real boss, I truly signed checks/You just got signed, you truly signed into debt/QC quit capping, quit comparing, you got bodied/Point blank bi**h, period…Lil Boat wrote your shit, are you serious?” Hazel raps, frequently referring to the duo as “little girls.” And Lil Boat is their labelmate Lil Yachty who she claims wrote most of the song.

Joseline Hernandez from the Atlanta franchise of Love & Hip Hop heard the song and endorsed it with her support. Yung Miami heard the track and responded in full force saying, “On my son I will beat either one of you hoes to death just cause bitches throw drinks and pull hair cross tables on TV don’t do shit to me! I’m from Miami I don’t see none of that commercial shit Joseline you on coke bad …. Hazel you wish you was signed to QC nobody know you or your music … what checks you signing you delusional ass bitch.” Then she called Joseline a cocaine addict in the comments. Rapper Trina also jumped in saying “you need to go find somebody to play with bcuz we not gonna play with you down here.”

Do you know what we find the funniest out of all of this? The fact that Hazel E photoshopped herself in a hospital bed with both of the City Girls in her arms as newborns with Lil Yachty as the father is absolutely hilarious. We can’t wait to see the next installment to this.