Photo Credit: Yung Miami/Instagram

Yung Miami has found herself being dragged yet again on social media for well, being herself. She’s asked Nicki Minaj on Twitter to unblock her on Instagram which is kind of funny because she’s pretty mad about it. She says she didn’t do anything and that she isn’t pressed, obsessed etc. Fans of Nicki, of course have jumped straight to the chance to let her know exactly what she did.

When Nicki and Cardi B were beefing and their labelmate b said he wouldn’t work with Nicki, Yung Miami told bthat she rode with Cardi B. That was a pretty serious time for Nicki. Those who remember know that that’s around when Nicki had her Queen Radio show and was just ripping people’s heads off left and right talking about all the people who were ganging up trying to kick her out of the industry. So there very well is a chance Nicki remembers this.

As for whether Nicki will be unblocking Caresha (Yung Miami), remember Nicki’s working on a song with Santana, her lesser known gay rapper friend. So what better way to exact revenge than to humble someone who thinks they’re poised to take over the industry by choosing who most of everyone else sees as her gay sidekick to be on a track? But don’e be fooled, Santana can spit. Like him or not, he’s good with a mic. Our prediction is that Nicki will unblock her, but only after she gets a track with Santana on it with her on the charts first… just to be petty.