Photo Credit: Ari Fletcher/Instagram

Ari Fletcher went on Instagram last night all excited about being in Vogue and posted a cover of herself on it standing in front of the logo. She looked amazing as she always does. Our first question was… how? Considering the fact it isn’t clear what she does, just why would they be placing her on the cover? Well that’s just it. They didn’t.

While she’s posting telling people to pick their mouth up off the floor and she’s thanking Vogue for the opportunity, her followers reminded her that her appearance in the magazine is in the paid ad section modeling for a brand. Then the dragging ensued where she both got upset saying, “People are truly sick. It’s so sad that people actually try to steal people joy. Play with the internet all you want, this is chess not checkers.” And for those claiming she paid to be in the magazine, she said, “Baby, If I could pay to be in VOGUE I would’ve been in there a long time ago.”

Someone managed to fool at least one site, with a comment pretending to be a British Vogue editor talking about how insulting pretending to be on the cover is. It did elicit a response from india Love who said she didn’t see what the big deal was. Now to be fair, there is a popular viral trend of people putting themselves on Vogue’s cover that literally everyone did for some time. The difference is that those people weren’t exaggerating themselves in the paid section. Oh, Ari. This doesn’t look good at all.