Photo Credit: Austin Mahone/Instagram; Kanye West/Instagram

Kanye West went on an extensive rant on Twitter about a week ago ranging from peeing on a Grammy of his to posting several pages of his record contract asking every legal mind in the world to look at it saying he wanted his masters. As controversial as Kanye is, a number of artists said he was right. And one of those artists who feel so strongly about the matter looking to help is Austin Mahone.

Mahone signed with Birdman’s Cash Money Records at 15 and it was just a few years later that his manager Michael Blumstein was able to help him get all of his masters. It also took the help of his mentor Pitbull and a million dollar loan from both Pitbull and Birdman to make it happen. Making this decision has caused him to make $5 million and most importantly the ability to make money for the rest of his life.

Mahone is one of the lucky ones because everyone else doesn’t quite have it that easy. Taylor Swift even said she would rerecord and rerelease all of her music if it meant she could have the masters and has vowed to take Universal and Sony to the matter in this battle.

Sources say Mahone has reached out to Kanye’s team and they’re willing to work together to make it happen. He’s waiting on a call back to start but he’s excited about getting the ball rolling just the same.