Photo Credit: Bhad Bhabie/Instagram

Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie aka the “Cash Me Ousside Girl” from Dr. Phil’s show just announced last night she was releasing a new track called ‘That’s What I Said’ today. It’s been 13 hours and no sign of a track yet. But while we’re waiting, let’s discuss the significance of this. We’re in the Cancel Culture age where people have a lot less tolerance for ignorance, racism, bigotry and the slightest hint of any of it and being quarantined at home with nothing to do won’t do anything but magnify these scandals.

Now Bregoli is 17 and already about one more comment from being canceled deleted and blocked before she ever gets to her 18th birthday and I have a feeling that just might happen. Why? Well she made the news for “blackphishing” lately. Blackphishing usually refers to darkening one’s skin to appear black. That’s been a thing on Instagram lately with a lot of influencers tanning and contouring to look black in their photos. Iggy Azalea’s also been accused of it with her forced black accent but at least she doesn’t darken her skin. And it can be argued that the environment she grew up in influenced her rap style. Ok. We’ll give her that one.

In response to backlash of recent Instagram posts of hers saying she was trying to look black, she said that no one says anything about Lil Kim with her lighter foundation. That of course didn’t end well and Kim didn’t appreciate being dragged into her nonsense.Then she compared her upbringing to Tarzan growing up around bears acting like them because he didn’t know any better. Now Bregoli’s only 17 so I’m not going to go in on her but I’m always fascinated with these discussions because it reveals how people feel about others.

And let’s not forget she said “why would anyone want to be black?” I don’t even know if I want to blame her mother for this. The only thing I blame her mother for is not beating her enough. This girl has been on Instagram Live and her mother wanted to fight the person on the other side for talking about her so we can see where she gets it from. Nothing needed to be done but to apologize after the backlash came and something tells me this track shes releasing is just going to be her doubling down which has the potential to backfire epicly on her.