Photo Credit: Billy Porter/Instagram

Pose actor Billy Porter spoke on the Jimmy Fallon Show Thursday about what relief it was for him to share his HIV diagnosis in The Hollywood Reporter. It was a secret he had held since 2007 making over a decade he kept his silence for fear it would affect his career, but now being a bigger than life name at the moment, he pretty much doesn’t have that to worry about now.

He told Fallon, “I’ve been positive since 2007. And you know, having lived through the AIDS crisis, it was heavy for me.” Telling his story, he says was “a huge burden has been lifted from his shoulders.” As for the stigma, he said “I lived with the shame of it for a really long time and last week, I released that shame. I released that trauma and I am a free man, honey. Free! I’ve never felt joy like this before.”

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