Photo Credit: JT/Instagram

There’s a meme that you’re not ugly, you’re just broke.. with before and after pictures of the Kardashians as proof. JT from the City Girls, however refuses to be treated the same. In a Twitter tirade where she took up for her looks, a number of her followers didn’t take so well to the veracity in which she was carrying on with one user saying, “JT really be going back and forward with regular civilians on this app and I truly do not like that for her.” They added, “Girl it’s giving stressed and depressed cus ain’t no wayyyyyyyy.”

JT went as far as taking someone’s picture posting it clowning them saying, “WOODY, I’m not gone even @ you. Keep my name off your twitter. The only thing that’s stressing & depressing is your big a** dressed like a toy story character!”

First of all, whoever that was in that picture isn’t bad looking and I’m sure they had to have a laugh out of that read. But then someone else hit back about the Woody character tweet saying, “The irony in this is she looked very similar before she was famous.”


Now we don’t know what set JT off but no one thinks she’s ugly and if they do, she’s the one winning. Didn’t Lil Uzi Vert just buy her a $300k McLaren for her birthday? We’re sure he wouldn’t have done that for anyone ugly.