Photo Credit: Claudia Conway/Instagram; James Matthew Fuller/Instagram

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia Conway just appeared on American Idol when we all expected her to end up a ward of the state and her mother in jail if the internet were to be believed. But apparently this contentious relationship with her mother is all water under the bridge in seeing them both speak to each other saying how much they loved each other after Claudia aced her audition.

For starters, who knew Claudia Conway could sing? For a while, we thought she was like Gizelle Bryant’s boyfriend Jamal Bryant and only existed in her phone but to antagonize her mother for fun. When she showed up to the audition, Katy Perry in a very concerning way asked her if she were okay. She replied, “No, but yes.” Say no more, Claudia. This is 2021. That sums up a lot of us right now.

The good news is that she’s gone on to Hollywood and she even got some good advice along the way. Perry told her she needed to tune out the noise going on around her. With all that’s been going on as of late, that’s advice we all could use. As for her relationship with her parents… family is important. Her mother left her job in the White House and her father left The Lincoln Project so they both could focus on their household. She should see that obviously some effort is being made. Otherwise, we wish her the best and we understand that “no, but yes” all too well.