Photo Credit: Shawn Wells/Instagram

Shawn Wells is a fitness model in Jackson, Florida that just appeared on Instagram a few months ago and already he has 60,000 followers. His nickname is Wells Phargo and with just cause since he’s had so many photographers after him, he’s cashing his fame right in at the bank. At least he should be, anyway. He’s a 21 year old military vet who says when it’s time to put in work he knows how to do just that. No nasty, not that type of work, modeling, silly. “I’ll go from laughing to “Mr. Eyecandy” in 2 seconds,” he said in an interview with this spring. It’s pretty weird how I can flip it on and off.” And if you’re wondering how he got as large of a following as he does, he’s a smart guy. He says “it’s from studying! It sounds funny at first, but I studied the Instagram algorithm and learned how to push myself out. Which is why influencers with way more followers than me don’t have as much engagement as me. I know what I’m doing.”

Okay smart guy. And if you’re wondering how he stays in shape, he says he keeps in shape year around because you never know when someone’s interested in putting you in a shoot and that he drinks 6 to 7 bottles of water a day. Just hearing this I’ve already had 2 bottles of water while siting here as he’s made me feel bad for not doing that. At least we know that’s part of his strategy for the looks he has. Just don’t go drowning your kidneys trying to catch up folks.

Now as it relates to him in the relationship department. As of the time of the interview he did this April he referenced his “old lady” which pretty much sounds like he was taken. What he’s done since then is create an OnlyFans account. If you’re a follower of our Eye Candy and After Dark sections then you know about the OnlyFans accounts. That’s usually an account created selling adult content of oneself for $10-$20/month. While we haven’t signed up for his account you can still see the captions underneath each of his posts that aren’t showing by the way. It appears he not only has the OnlyFans account but that he’s picks there covered with emojis where he’s selling the uncovered version for $30 a piece. That isn’t exactly the behavior of a man with a girl. Anyway, it looks like someone’s making money hand over fist here, we see. Again, with the name Wells Phargo, what could one expect?

Glitzers, check out our latest Eye Candy pick Shawn Wells aka Wells Phargo below:
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