Recently on Love & Hip Hop, the mother of Peter Gunnz‘s children Tara Wallace decided to leave her near 15 year relationship with him and to move on with her life. She auditioned for an acting role with Yandy Smith where she had to get close with a buff younger man she agreed to go on a date with. It turns out her date, model Aaron Hardy had a twin, and it turned into a double date. Of course it wasn’t just enough to go on a new date, she had to flaunt him in front of her ex as well. We don’t blame her, though. If you have the eye candy you may as well show it off.

The particular eye candy Tara Wallace went on a date with was Aaron Hardy, one of the Hardy Twins. They can be contacted at TheeHardyTwins@Gmail.comIG: TheHardyTwins_ IG: PrettyBoi_Twin IG: Legendary_Twin

Check out The Hardy Twins below: