Fetty Wap has been MIA in the industry for some time now but just resurfaced in the news as he’s now being investigated for allegedly assaulting a woman at a house party in Hollywood Hills. The accusation is felony battery stemming from him inviting a few women in the bedroom of the house following a video shoot earlier in the day Wednesday. That’s when things turned violent. That’s when the video of the incident started where the woman behind the camera is asking him to hit her again. A witness that’s a friend of the accuser says the argument started over other women he’d invited in the house.

If you ask us it sounds like someone wasn’t interested in sharing that night. Since he’s now a battery suspect, detectives are going to try and interview him about what happened next. His rep hasn’t made a statement about the incident yet. It sort of reminds us of the time Tami Roman said you have to be good in bed for women to have no problem getting pregnant by the same guy at the same time and not even care about him having two eyes. This incident is further proof of this.