Photo Credit: Hilary Duff/Instagram

The Great Quarantine of 2020 has been exposing some people as well as bringing the worst out of others on the internet and Hilary Duff has proven to not be immune from being victim of internet savagery this year. Unlike rapper Kevin Gates who voluntarily recorded himself having sex with someone other than his wife/manager or rapper Future going on a disgusting misogynist rant against his baby mother after being sued for social media slander, Duff did nothing more than make the mistake of posting a picture of one of her children naked on in her Instagram story.

The 32 year old actress had posted her 8 year old son Luca naked, which she later removed and posted again censored. By that point the internet had ran wild with it accusing her of sex trafficking her children. “Someone pointed out on Instagram that I did a nude of him, which I did, so we covered that up with sticker,” she shared.

“Everyone bored af right now I know..but this is actually disgusting…..,” she tweeted. “whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe should take a break from their damn phone. Maybe get a hobby.”

Her rep had to step in and speak to E! News about it. “Let me say this in the strongest terms, this is all a fabricated disgusting internet lie, created and perpetuated by trolls and idiots. Hilary’s own post this morning is all that needs to be said on the matter. Everyone who knows Hilary is fully aware what an amazing mom she is and that requires no further comment. If only people with this much time on their hands used their energy to solve real problems in the world.”

Parents love doing things to embarrass their children… especially mothers. But next time we would suggest for Duff to make sure her children are clothed before hitting Post next time. As for those who started the rumor, this isn’t a funny joke because there was a little thing called PizzaGate that happened in 2016 where someone traveled several states to shoot up a pizza shop in DC over a conspiracy Youtube video. Things like this have the potential to become dangerous and aren’t cool at all.