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If you’re like us and have missed Jessie J, we’ve got a treat for you. the Bang Bang singer revealed on Instagram she has a new single named I Want Love and in the post is a preview where she is singing it like she really means those words. Last last year she revealed she had been diagnosed with Ménière’s disease which affects one’s hearing. From the powerhouse vocals she delivered you certainly couldn’t tell.

This single is the first solo material put out since her 2018 R.O.S.E. album. As for the inspiration for the album, she broke up with her boyfriend of over 2 years, Channing Tatum during COVID posting cryptic social media posts about people who try to get others to solve their problems and how life can’t be measured by age and sometimes you just have to live. He sounds kind of needy. On the other hand, she has a new boyfriend, dancer Max Pham Nguyen. She certainly has a thing for dancers. We just hope this one is able to give her the love she wants.

Check out Jessie J’s new single preview below:

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