Photo Credit: Jim Jones/Instagram

You all might recall Jim Jones was reported to have beat up Freddie Gibbs at Prime 112 restaurant on Ocean Drive in Miami last month. Gibbs came out shrugging the situation off pretty much saying nothing happened. But now Jim Jones just did Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg where he agreed and said there was no fight. In fact, he said, “I was not fighting at Prime 112…I’m just telling you, you said it. I just cleared it up… How did we get here?”

When pressed on the topic more, he said “Freddie who? What’s his name?… He’s Grammy-nominated? Why would a person that won a grammy want a problem with Capo? I don’t know, it don’t matter. I don’t be in the room with too many Grammy award winners. Shout out to that young man you dig. I wish him nothing but success in all his endeavors inside of this game. Get your bag baby.”

Now there’s nothing worse than someone claiming not even to know who you are in the middle of a beef. And he definitely knows who he is because they’re going on about year 8 of them beefing. He’s actually being rumored to name his new album Prime 112, after the restaurant he allegedly beat Gibbs up in. Now that’s some serious trolling.