Photo Credit: Justine Skye/Instagram; MISSUHUI/Amazon

Imagine seeing your face used to sell a product and it not even be a good picture. Not that you took a bad pic but because they did a piss poor job cropping your face into the picture like a 9 year old had done it. Well that’s what singer Justine Skye is facing now. She posted a pic of hers being used on Amazon on of all things, a bonnet ad asking what did she do to deserve the disrespect.

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Video Credit: Justine Skye/Instagram

And why is the fact it’s a bonnet ad such a big deal? Well we’ve been in a multi-month long debate about whether women should be wearing bonnets outside. Monique commented on it saying to knock it off and now everyone’s had an opinion. So for her to be in a pic with a bonnet on that she didn’t ask for, it looks like she took a side and… yeah, that’s certainly not a position we’d want to be in.

You can see the actual ad here. We had to go check to verify because while sad, you’ve got to admit this was hilarious.