Photo Credit: Chunte’l Powell/Twitter

A couple weeks ago there was footage of a Tom Steyer rally where the rap duo City Girls were being played by a DJ. At the time, Steyer wasn’t in the video so there was some plausible deniability as to whether it was an event he was apart of because, well, what presidential candidate would have one of the raunchiest girl group playing at an event of theirs? Well today there’s a viral video of Tom Steyer on stage at a rally with Juvenile performing ‘Back That Azz Up’ with him dancing like a video girl the whole time. Yes, this actually happened. His wife even got in on the fun… and she was dancing on beat. Special note, if your wife is dancing perfectly on beat to Juvenile, you might want to have a talk with her about her past. I
I’m just saying.

Less publicized was Yolanda Adams performing America the Beautiful. Hard to imagine both acts on the same stage but to be fair, Juvenile censored his song to say “Back that vote up” so it wasn’t quite so bad. And while we don’t have footage of the entire thing, no word yet on whether his wife at any point had her hands on her knees while dancing, but if she did, we’re sure we would have heard about it by now. And it wasn’t all necessarily for naught either. A College of Charleston professor, Gibbs Knotts said, “Every nine to 11-year-old can tell you more about Tom Steyer than you ever want to know.” Also, a Monmouth poll showed him tied in second place with Joe Biden and second place with black voters. The free bacon and mashed potatoes at events likely didn’t hurt either. Oh, and the near $15 million in television ads helped him with that last minute push. One advantage of his is that out of the 3 billionaires in the race, he has the least controversial background. And in the end, he’s got the endorsement of Juvenile for President. How many people can say they’ve got his support?