Photo Credit: Porsha Williams/Instagram; Kenya Moore/Instagram; Luis G jerrito1/Instgram

Porsha Williams has so far been the hero of Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her social justice journey, but everyone isn’t so sold on this new Porsha. Her castmate Kenya Moore had a conversation with Kandi Burruss asking, “Has anybody talked to Porsha? I know she was arrested… again.” Burruss asked, “Why did you say it like that?” Moore said “Cause at this point it just seems like maybe they’re putting themselves in the position to be arrested.” Ouch.

Now Moore and Williams went at it with each other a few months ago with Moore, never want to miss an opportunity at shade instigated a fight on Instagram. All she did was respond to someone that said she was “clout chasing” with the 👀 emoji. And it all went to hell from there.

Now whether Williams was clout chasing is debatable. Remember these two have always had issue with each other and it really has to do with Williams’ Underground Railroad comment… the time where she thought it was an actual train. Moore’s always seen Williams as dumb and a chore to have to be around. That’s why they can only manage to get along with each other for brief periods of time.

And let’s be honest, Williams isn’t exactly the most diabolical and calculating person. She not only had to have been embarrassed about her early days on the show from not knowing what the Underground Railroad was to not knowing how many days of the year there are that when all of this kicked off, she had to have seen this as an opportunity to redeem herself. So personally, I don’t think she did it for clout. Could I see plenty others doing so? Absolutely. Williams? Not so much. But time will tell how genuine her actions over the summer have been.