Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Just as we were watching a behind the scenes video of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Hazel E’s wedding that she just shared, we had the unfortunate event luck in seeing that Kim Kardashian was filing for divorce from Kanye West. And here we were all in the virtual celebration mode for Hazel when this happened. It’s been a long 8 or so months for the couple since Kanye first made his outburst that he wanted a divorce, insinuated that his wife might have been cheating on Twitter and compared his mother-in-law to Kim Jong-Un. And this was a move we all saw coming so it’s no surprise. Still, it’s unfortunate and we don’t wish divorce on anyone, especially couples with children.

Kardashian has gotten famed divorce lawyer Laura Wasser to handle their separation, a woman known for representing Angelina Jolie in her divorce from Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp divorcing Amber Heard who has even been nicknamed the “Disso Queen.” And for anyone who followed the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt divorce understand that anyone who worked on behalf of either of those people earned their pay.

The divorce isn’t contentious at all. Neither side is objecting to anything in the pre-nup. Kardashian is requesting joint legal and physical custody and both are committed to co-parenting so all is well there. And as for their property, sources say they’re pretty far along in making a property settlement agreement.

West’s outbursts while running for president really started a lot of their problems, coupled with the very public bipolar episode he was going through that caused her and friends of his to fly out to Wyoming to check on him. She was spotted in tears having a very emotional conversation with him in a car with him while there. He was later seen shouting at Chance the Rapper at the top of his lungs who had came to check on him who was told in response to either “sit the f*** down or get the f*** out.” And their politics were very different as well. When everything was all said and done and the last person she helped get out of prison thanked her on social media, she thanked everyone that helped except for former President Trump. In light of events on January 6th, that’s kind of understandable.

We wish these two the best. It appears West wants to live in Wyoming and Kardashian wants to stay in Calabasas and they want to co-parent like this. That is definitely going to be a tough thing to do. May we suggest a dedicated private jet or two for this? At least the ability to get them on demand. Just saying. Best of luck to this couple. They were cute together and it was clear they were crazy about each other, especially West about Kardashian. Sigh