Photo Credit: Tyler Roi

Kofi Siriboe is in a groundbreaking new show on Netflix titled Really Love and one that he’s thrilled about regarding the light it shines on black people. Really Love, set in Washington, DC is about Siriboe who plays an artist in gentrifying DC struggling to break through. It’s a love story about him and the lady friend he met along the way and their burgeoning love affair. I’ll add that as someone from DC who has watched these artist areas and have known people in similar situations there, it is definitely an undertold tale.

About the show, Siriboe says it “breaks the mold” with how blacks are portrayed. He also said he’s disappointed that love is not the basis of shows in the chick flick genre starring blacks because studio heads are afraid audiences won’t accept it. And that is quite the sobering analysis.

He told TMZ “Beyond romance, beyond being a love story, we are getting to see black people not have to be what we always are. You get to see us in romance, see us in love, see us in friendship. It is a big deal though.” ThatGrapeJuice asked if he felt he could recreate what films like Love Jones, Jason’s Lyric, Love & Basketball represented and he said, “My intention is to be true in representing where we [as Black people] are now. It’s never my desire to recreate a previous movie, but definitely to honor the past, where we are now, my personal experience with love, and what things have spoken to me along my journey.”

“I call it a psychological romance. It’s character driven and about these individuals, their personal worlds, their personal friend groups, and how those all collide. It’s beautiful,” he quipped.

We are 100% watching this show, given the fact that we understand the socio-economics and demographics of the film with the artist backdrop of DC being one we’re familiar with. And anytime the general negative stereotypes of black America can be countered with positivity in the media, we support it.