Photo Credit: Angel Massey/Instagram; Kyle Massey/Instagram

That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey made headlines earlier for being charged with a felony for sending porn to a 13 year old. He also missed his arraignment over the ordeal. His mother has since come out in his defense calling this a lie. Apparently the mother, Kinda Andreas tried this suit before in another state and it went nowhere so she’s making the claim again. Kyle’s mother, Angel Massey says the pictures he sent was sent to the mother, not her. That is the story reported in 2019 and Kindra’s attorney even admitted to such.

So the question now is, how is he charged with a felony for something that has been litigated in court in another jurisdiction? That causes us to have a little pause but his mother is certainly confident here and again, if someone was targeting a child, that’s a criminal offense. You wouldn’t go straight for a civil penalty. She’s on Instagram as we speak saying how much this didn’t make any sense and that these are just headlines designed to make money.

And these two go back. Kindra and Kyle have kept in touch over the years and in 2019 was sexting her despite reportedly being in a relationship at the time and that’s what started all of this. Well thank God for his mother being here to try to straighten things up. We’ll be reporting on this as more becomes available.