Photo Credit: Lamar Odom/Instagram

Former NBA player and reality tv star Lamar Odom has a match with pop star Aaron Carter tonight in Atlantic City and is talking mad sh** in the run up to the evening’s event. First he said he’s not here to “play” boxing but that he’s really about to knock this guy out. Hmm, could that have been a light jab at Mayweather who was believed to have been playing with Logan Paul? Probably.

Despite Aaron Carter being in the gym getting ready for the match, just like he has been, Odom said he could “really give a f**k” about Carter’s training. “I’m prepared,” Lamar says … “I don’t know who he’s sparring against but I know my gym is full of guys that can fight and I’ve been sparring with and I have a really good trainer.”

“[Aaron has been] talkin’ s**t but I’m gonna put him to sleep early,” he said. And for the ultimate disrespect he said “I asked his girlfriend yesterday which round do you want to wake him up in.”

Now let’s take things back to 2020. Aaron Carter’s girlfriend was arrested for trying to beat him up. The year before his brother Nick Carter took out a restraining order against him for allegedly threatening to kill his wife and children. He’s also recently been diagnosed as schizophrenic. and a judge forced him to turn over his guns as well. With that type of a background, he’s going to be an interesting person to fight… especially since Odom has spent recent years getting sober and not trying to get in tip top shape. We’ll be reporting on how this match goes lately.