Photo Credit: Leon Bridges/Instagram

Leon Bridges just released his 3rd studio album Gold Diggers Sound and just like his music, his fashion style is just as memorable and unique. In an interview with Fashionista, he described his presence saying, “I want people to be able to smell my cologne in a metaphorical sense. When you see me, I want you to totally identify my style.”

The Fort Worth, TX native spoke about his iconic 2019 Grammy’s corduroy outfit that came courtesy of Bode saying, “Shout-out to my homie Mac [Huelster, Bridges’ longtime wardrobe stylist] who’s styled me for a lot of events in the past,” Bridges says over the phone from Fort Worth. “He basically facilitated that whole thing, and I actually discovered Bode through him. He brought the corduroy suit to my attention, and initially, I was a little reluctant to wear it because I felt it was a little bit too flashy. I had an idea for a more traditional black tux. But ultimately, I was like, ‘Fuck it, let me try this.’ And it ended up being sort of a hit.”

With him now exploring music sounds of the 70s, his wardrobe of course is going to reflect that. “I think I’ve always been innately creative. Even as a kid, I wanted to dress differently than what was popular. I just didn’t have the financial means to do that, so it wasn’t until I got older, until I started going to college, that I started getting into fashion. That came through dance. Some of the dance and choreography pieces I did, we had to dress a certain era. And there was this one that was ’70s-themed, and the costumes ultimately became the style I started to adorn.

“Initially, I was doing more of a traditional ’50s and ’60s thing. Then I transitioned into ’40s style, but ultimately, I felt like it just wasn’t translating as fashionable. I wanted to find a way to still keep that silhouette, but do something that had a more modern, timeless feel. My style has definitely evolved over the years, and currently, I’d define it as minimalistic-retrofuturistic-luxe.

What are your thoughts on Leon Bridges’ style? And have you picked up his new album Gold Diggers Sound out this week?