Photo Credit: OWN Network

After 3 successful seasons of Love & Marriage Huntsville, a spin off of Love & Marriage DC has begun production and just debuted Sunday night. Among the cast is DC’s DJ QuickSilva, a world renowned DJ who was shot, paralyzed, made a comeback and lost both parents by 18 who has a DJ school on the South side of town along with his wife and manager, Ashley Silva.

Jamie and Erana Tyler are a power couple and real estate investment duo. Voted Copa Style Magazine’s Couple of the Year, no one can describe Erana any better than she does herself. Voted Best Dressed & Most Attractive in high school, she said she “wore the fliest clothes, high heels, big jewelry, and the luxury name brand purses. Graduating from High School I maintained the same expensive taste.” And Jamie is known for his events with J&J Entertainment in DC, Miami and Vegas which he made sure to name drop on the show.

And the show’s promo featured Monique Samuels from The Real Housewives of Potomac, and wife to former Redskins player Chris Samuels. She can best be described as experiencing PTSD from her time on The Real Housewives, an experience that for a lack of better words took a severe turn to the left. LAMDC’s Executive Producer Carlos King said he wanted to show Samuels that she could be on reality television without being set up. And what originally went wrong for Monique is that while on The Real Housewives, she brought a friend on with her, Gigi Riley who both was revealed to have peddled a lie to the rest of the cast alleging that Monique had been cheating with her trainer that no one took the bait for which then resulted in her no longer coming on the show. Seeking further attention, she not only chose to run for Mayor in her city of Seat Pleasant, MD but she put someone up to making a #MeToo claim against the then Mayor which also went nowhere. And she hasn’t been heard from since.

We got to see Monique show the business side of her which she says was always there, she just never had the chance to show it. Instead, a lot of what we’ll remember her for on what she calls “that other show” would be getting invites to drag someone and the Great Binder of Shade she brought to a reunion. The latter, though will be going down in Real Housewives history.

The show started with Monique emphatically speaking about how she wanted to know the secret behind Erana and Jamie’s Tyler’s relationship and how they’ve been together 26 years. Erana said she was more interested in partying for their later birthday celebration than any type of Q&A. Monique herself has been married for close to 10 years and essentially says she sees herself in a rut whereby everything seems to be going fine but it’s not what it could be. Chris says he believes he’s a good man and she agrees, but with the dynamics changing of her pursuing her dreams, that’s going to be an adjustment. Actually, come to think of it, the show started with an extensive monologue from Monique’s friend Winter Williams who talked about her 60 year old husband cheating on her with the nanny, getting her pregnant and having a baby or two out of the relationship. And that is an entire mess and a half to sit and listen to.

As for DJ Quiksilva, he’s been a hiphop staple in the DMV forever. As someone who grew up mostly in the area, I’ve known of him since being a kid. His wife is working on a book and has expressed how she’s had a hard time doing it since she’s doing most of the work at home while as he says is busy providing a life for the family. It sounds very much like a typical power couple and honestly, modern family struggle. Other revelations about cheating happened right on national tv. Apparently Quicksilva said he cheated on his wife and she said that was news to him. She said that she did but that she knew nothing about his part. Well it looks like things are going to get interesting in that household.

The show features the relationships of couples who have all been together for significant amounts of time, nearly 10 for the Samuels, 26 years for the Tylers and about 14 years of marriage for the Silvas. And all of them have been longtime and known names in the DC area and all consummate professionals which means a lot of people in town know them, they come with reputations and plenty of relationship baggage that goes along with that. And being from DC myself, I am definitely going to be tuned in.