Photo Credit: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Is this headline about Mariah Carey’s legs being insured for a billion dollars just a tad bit overboard? Of course it is but so is she. It literally embodies what it is to be Mariah Carey and fully represents the 30+ year of the self-described elusive chanteuse. (That was a nod to the title of her 14th studio album).

Well the 5 time Grammy award winner with 5 octaves just turned 50 yesterday and upon hearing the news, we suddenly wondered where the time has gone. I still remember her comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi coming out, the open house I was currently working in while in real estate at the time and playing it for someone there. The album came in 2005, 5 years after she was paid nearly $30 million to go away from her label Virgin after the colossal debacle known as Glitter only to turn around and some nearly 20 years later it randomly started topping iTunes charts in a way that only she could pull off.

The life and times of Mariah Carey goes from one of her sleeping on a mattress on the floor to one of the biggest careers in music history with turns that make her a journalist’s dream. And of course there’s the voice. When asked who was worth to sing at her wedding while engaged to billionaire James Packer, she said, “f*ckin’ nobody.” And jokingly or not, did she lie?

There was no shortage of birthday wishes to the songstress ranging from Jennifer Hudson to a pic Britney Spears tweeted with her, but it was the one Barbra Streisand who thanked her for coming to her last show in New York City that she said instantly made her life suddenly feel better. Notice she said life, not day, but life. Anyway, it’s Barbra mf’in Streisand. She’s a legend who can humble anyone, even Mariah Carey. By the way, did you know she’s 77? She looks nothing like it. We need to know what potion these two women are drinking…seriously.

And if you’re wondering where Ms. Carey spent her birthday, it was inside of the studio recording a new song because where else would one expect Mariah Carey to be on her anniversary? For those who don’t know, she celebrates anniversaries, not birthdays. That’s what she calls them. Also, she’s eternally 12 as she likes to say and even has a Hello Kitty room in her Manhattan triplex as evidence of that. She shared pics of herself and her twins she affectionately calls #DemBabies Moroccan and Monroe with her birthday cake in front of her with the number 12 candles because… she’s eternally 12 of course. But don’t fret, we’re certain she’s going to celebrate just as soon as our coronavirus lockdowns are over. Just as she considered multiple weddings with ex Packer, she might have multiple birthday, err, anniversary parties across town because what else would we expect the diva of all divas?