Photo Credit: Megan Thee Stallion/Instagram; Tory Lanez/Instagram

We are now in the 4th month of this game of Clue trying to determine who shot Megan Thee Stallion in the parking lot and with what weapon. The man her situationship that went sour with, Tory Lanez went Instagram Live Tuesday, Oct 20th to talk about things calling the accusations that he shot Megan that resulted in him racking up assault charges “not true.” He pointed to the original report from TMZ that he was arrested for possession of a weapon. No mention was made of Megan being shot so having her come out a full week later talking about being shot was an obvious discrepancy the public wanted an explanation for.. except he was advised not to give one.

“Two days after that, I get a call from Roc Nation that says, ‘Yo, we heard you were gonna to make a statement about what happened, and it’d be in your best interest if you don’t make that statement,'” he said. “And I’m like, OK? I don’t understand the issue of me telling my fans, like, ‘Yo, it’s not that serious of a deal …'”

The reports that soon came after said that Megan was treated for injuries related to shattered glass. “Nobody has ever said she got shot,” Lanez said. And as we said, over a week later Megan reported her injuries were “a result of a crime that was committed against me and done with the intention to physically harm me.”

Cedars-Sinai medical records have shown support for Megan’s claim as doctors found shrapnel in her heel shortly after the incident. Of course Lanez didn’t cover this detail. He said she was shot in the feet but walked away from the incident and didn’t tell police what happened when she spoke to them on the scene. In her own subsequent video, she said that she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to end up being shot. Yes, being shot by police in heightened tensions and misunderstanding as a victim is a thing even if it sounds crazy repeating.

“The police come, I’m scared. All this shit going on with the police? The police is shooting motherfuckers for anything,” she said. “The police was literally killing Black people for no motherfucking reason … You think I’m about to tell the police that we—n***as, us Black people—got a gun in the car? You want me to tell them we got in a gun in a car so they can shoot all of us up? N***a, I’m scared … Why the fuck would I tell [the police] somebody got a gun in this car and this n***a shot me? So I can get shot, you can shot, she can get shot, he can get shot?”

Lanez said he’s always “showed out for Black women” and considers Megan a friend still despite all the “false information.” He said “… It’s not accurate information. I don’t ever wanna come off like I’m here to bash this girl or I’m here to talk down about this girl or ever be at a place where, like, I’m disrespecting her, because to me, as a person, she’s still my friend,” he said. “No matter what — even if she doesn’t look at me like that — I look at her like she’s still my friend.”

Megan shut his video down by tweeting, “This Nigga genuinely crazy.” Now it’s hard to understand how someone can call a person who is accusing them of shooting them a friend but when you have a team around you telling you what to say, it makes sense. At the end of the day, if doctors confirmed she had bullet injuries to her feet, that pretty much settles it. Perhaps a discussion about how one can be shot in the foot and keep walking might help Megan’s case with the public but this ordeal has been absolutely insane to watch play out in public. It also shows how situationships tend to end. The difference is that most don’t result in gunfire. Lanez is expected to be in court November 18th but we’re sure we’ll be hearing more about this situation before then.