Photo Credit: Pitbull/Instagram

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s togetherness with people all over putting resources together to try and see us through it, knowing what we have to lose if we don’t. It goes against regular rhetoric about how inherently selfish and greedy everyone is. Joining the uplifting crowd is rapper Pitbull who just teased part of his new song he recorded, I Believe We Will Win with inspirational lyrics such as, “If there’s any time to check in for the world, it’s right now,” he says. “Now is when we take fear, and — it’s not Forget Everything And Run. It’s Face Everything And Rise.”

The video was filmed on top of his SLAM! charter school in Miami he started now 7 years ago showing that not only is he saying he believes we’ll win, he’s put his money where his mouth is and is helping the next generation win. He explained why he chose to film it there showing an aerial view of Miami saying, “Miami taught me how to fight, and I want to give that to everybody in the world right now. Now is when we gotta stick together. We gotta fight hard, show how powerful it is when we come together.”

We shared a video Dolly Parton did yesterday saying that everything will be alright and that she believes God did this for us to become better people. Before that, this week, a man was found after committing suicide hanging himself in Washington, DC which one can only assume could have been from stress over what’s been going on. This track is a welcome change of tune.