Photo Credit: Dontrell Britton/Instagram; Jalenboe/Instagram; EyeHatePhil/Instagram; Miles Brock/Instagram

Christmas just passed and we’re a few days away from 2022 being here. We’re almost a second year into a pandemic and we’ve lost the likes of Hank Aaron, Michael K. Williams. But at the same time we saw Bobby Shmurda and Kodak Black released from prison and the inauguration of the first black female Vice President as well as the first full time black female NFL coach, Jennifer King of the Washington Football Team. We reached out to friends of the site to ask them what they’re looking forward to in 2022 and this is what they all had to say…

We had Atlanta rapper EyeHatePhil from MTV’s Game of Clones stress the importance of spending time with family saying, “While enjoying your gifts received and/or given, be sure to appreciate life itself,” adding that “life’s too short.” And as we stated earlier, there are a lot of people who would have liked to be here that didn’t make it through 2021 that took life for granted. WeTV’s Marriage Bootcamp star Miles Brock who said he wanted to stop wasting his potential out of not feeling confident. And to that we say that if he was vetted for television when he joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, that means the world is ready for him.

Rapper Jalenboe said he’s hoping this will be the year his life fully changes. A lot of people have this one as a wish but so long as you remained focused and consistent, it’ll happen. Florida model and veteran PopGlitz Eye Candy model Junior Jeannot aka MrAmazing who said he wants to be at peace and better health. Model, fitness trainer and owner of GlizzysDC, Dontrell Britton said he’d like to see more people able to be at being peace spending time alone. He said people are so afraid to spend time alone that they end up spending time with low vibrational people. Now that’s a word. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Zell Swag said he’s hoping for hope because sometimes that in itself can be hard to come by… especially given the last two years. And fitness trainer and model Spence Crosby said he’s ready to release his Building Physiques fitness apparell. We’re going to be crossing our fingers that it’s going to be a hit.

We’re praying for everyone to have a 2022 that was better than this year and remember that it happens with intent. It’s not going to be something you just walk into. Make the effort and enjoy the new year.