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In light of Gay Pride month, Rachel Dolezal made an Instagram post announcing she’s bisexual. Now this isn’t a new revelation, but just telling those who didn’t already know. She says she had her first kiss with a girl at 18. She’s been in relationships with men, was married to a man and had children but says that doesn’t take away from her being bisexual. And she remained monogamous in her marriage, something people feel is impossible to do. She said the marriage was brief, but hey, she tried and if marriage isn’t trying, what is?

Anyway, you may remember Dolezal from her time running the Spokane NAACP before being promptly dismissed in 2015 when her parents publicly stated that she was lying about being black and was in fact white. Her reasoning has always been that that is how she was raised, from the people she grew up with, etc. We also have to add that it seems that many in the black community want white allies for the cause of equality and here there was one in a top position and yet she was vilified for what she was doing. Okay. The lying didn’t have to happen and we always say America is a country of second chances. With that being said, a simple apology would have sufficed to repair her reputation and allow her to continue the advocacy work she was doing, but of course, not only has that never happened, she said she refused to apologize and grovel. Her career has suffered and she’s struggled to find work since. It was at that point that her ego was more important than the cause she fought for.

As for her giving her remarks about Gay Pride month, the woman still has a voice and her words might help someone out there. We know that every time she opens her mouth now it’ll be seen as a publicity stunt but it’s a fact that bisexuals tend to be demonized at least in the sense that people feel they should pick a side of the fence and stick to it. That’s fine but they don’t have to deal with that person if that’s how they feel. Also, as it pertains to women, those that are bisexuals tend to be relegated to nothing but sexual fantasies and the men, especially the black ones have been painted as preying on black women. Hell, black men get relegated to the category of predator in general but that’s a different story. It’s good that she was able to humanize bisexuals just a bit with her sharing this, even if it came from an imperfect source.

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Just wanted to take a moment to recognize Pride Month 🌈 I am in absolutely no rush to explore a new relationship, but it still matters to stay visible. My first kiss was with a girl when I was 18. I am bisexual. Just because I have been married (briefly) to a man or have had children by male partners does not mean I am not bi. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m confused. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m “almost” gay. Just because I’m bi doesn’t mean I’m any less monogamous or into threesomes. I’ve always been attracted to a certain vibe and the body parts present matter less to me than the heart, soul, compatibility & chemistry. So, don’t ignore or delegitimize the “B” In LGBTQI… It’s a real identity. We are here, and no one’s opinion is going to make me gay or straight or not bi. So, although I’ve been single & celibate for 4 years and don’t plan to change that any time soon (my life is too complicated & stressful), this is my lil Pride support post to say “press on” and “keep being you” to the bi community & 🏳️‍🌈 #pride #pridemonth #bisexual #notashamedtosay #beyou #youarewhoyouare #iamwhoiam #itsoktosupport #inclusionisntforshow

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