Photo Credit: The Real

Senegalese-American rapper Akon just made the announcement that he was considering running for president in 2024. The announcement occurred on The Real Monday as he discussed his potential run. He said he’s very well aware of what the issues are and for a guy who received $1 billion in Chinese investment to provide lighting for 600 million people across the continent of Africa, that’s quite impressive and shows he knows a little something about business and the economy.

“I know what the issues are. As a person, as an immigrant, as a black man, as whatever you want to call it, I kinda know or feel like I know that I can take the country and move it forward. I really believe so.” Well he’s helping to move Africa forward, so why not? And as for his governmental experience, he said, “A lot of people don’t really know, but I’m literally advising 30 African presidents as we speak,” to a hardy applause from the audience. “It’s all based on the youth, the development of the youth and things of that nature. I’m everywhere in the world dealing with politics, so my foreign experience is through the roof.”

And then the elephant in the room was addressed. Kanye West. He’s already announced he’s running in 2024 and instead of talking down on his future opponent, he was actually quite encouraging to West’s future candidacy. “I need him to run. I want him to because it’s like this — Kanye’s not crazy. He’s just been awakened,” he said while praising West. “My belief, because from a spiritual state, I just feel like he’s awake now,” said the “Lonely” rapper. “He’s [the] most amazing marketer in the world. He understands his audience — but he’s definitely not crazy. If he does run, it’s great for the culture,” Akon noted. “Now, whether or not you think he’s fit is another thing, that’s why you got me as another choice.”

In 2008, the unspoken racial rule of who’s supposed to be president was broken and in 2016 the same was done with a middle finger to the political ruling class. Having two bonafied entertainers who have both thrived in business running, that would be an important moment in history for those involved in the political process to show that those who have had a stranglehold on our politics dictating who comes into power no longer have a say in our government. And with that being said, we look forward to both Akon and West running for President.