Photo Credit: ChriseanRock/Instagram

Rapper Blueface has been known for women sleeping in his home in bunkbeds apparently sharing him as their man. And anyone who has juggled multiple partners knows that doesn’t typically end well, especially once they find out about each other whether they agreed or not. In the case of girlfriend ChriseanRock, she has gotten a tooth with his face put on it, had it removed after they broke up, has broken windows in his home to get in to have sex and more. And even though reports of violence have been common place with these two, it’s different when the public sees it. Footage of Blueface and Chrisean fighting in the streets of Hollywood began circulating Tuesday morning. And whether or not charges get filed by either party, a police report had to be completed based on the severity of the fight.

It began with a conversation about things Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter found in her phone which resulted in her swinging at him causing them both to go down. He tried calming her down and even climbed on top of her to pin her down in the process. You could hear a bystander asking, “Are you alright, dude” as he was getting hit before he threw a jab back when you could hear the bystander say “Bro, that’s not good.” He could be heard yelling “Let me go” back at Chrisean.

Later Blueface livestreamed a conversation they had afterwards at home where he referred to her as the “heavyweight champion of the world.” He said she had been sleeping with a married corrections officer in New Orleans by the name of Mr. Hughes. He said, “I’m only airing this out ‘cause you think she’s a solid bitch…She’s a good actor. I’m going to put you in a movie.” He referred to her a “whore with tattoos.”

He asked her while livestreaming “What you need to leave me the f*ck alone? F*ck it. One hundred thousand. You want to beat me up in public and sh*t, so what’s up?” he continued. “What will it take for us to end this nice and pleasant?” She responded, “It’s not pleasant.” And she said she didn’t want his money.

And if there’s any question about how all of this has come about, she posted a video of him in his underwear on TikTok last month saying that was why she acts crazy over him. And if that is the case, she clearly needs a D detox, therapy or something because that’s not funny and the end result is that it’s her that’s looking crazy in public and it’s sad.