Photo Credit: Young Dolph/Instagram

Rapper Young Dolph was on his way inside of Makeda’s Butter Cookies in Memphis when the store owner Maurice Hill said a car pulled up and opened fire. And this wasn’t his first time being shot at. In 2017 he was in critical condition and spent 3 weeks in the hospital after being shot outside of a retail store in Hollywood. The unfortunate part of this is that it’s an example of how T.I. said that rappers have to move away from their hometowns because that’s where their biggest safety threats are from people wanting what you have.

In 2017 he spent $600,000 on a couple bulletproof vehicles which also went along with his album Bulletproof put out that same year. Unfortunately, he was caught outside so that wouldn’t have helped. He leaves behind two children, a son and a daughter at 36. He’s release 7 albums starting in 2016 and about 20 mixtapes since 2008.