Photo Credit: G0lden Richez/Instagram

G0lden Richez is a rising TikTok star known for his string of thirst traps. He’s an influencer from Atlanta whose real name is Torrence has been photographed in a fit or two for the new brand Late Bloomers, Fantom Capsule and has been an ambassador for the RoyaleFlyness cosmetic brand. He’s He’s described himself as a slept on dark skin with people commenting that they needed to get his numbers up because we don’t have enough dark skin kings on our timeline.

He’s also shared scriptures such as Isaiah 43:2 which is about making it through times, something all of us could use hearing. He’s posted his rising popularity on social media and so much so he said he might enlist his sister to be his manager. He also works with his hands as we’ve seen him installing flooring on his IG. And who can resist a guy who can work with his hands?

Anyway, check out G0lden Richez below and follow him on social media:

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